Hot Stone – A Massage With Extras

Hot Stone – A Massage With Extras

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Some of the stones used in our hot stone sessions are basalt stones that have been smoothed from years of water erosion.  Some are hand picked from the coast of Rhode Island. We even have Himalayan salt stones that warm so gently as they surround your tissues with the health benefits of negative ions. We treat our stones with care and see them all as a sacred connection to earth and fire. These stones are heated to help relax your muscles and and encourage blood flow to the area being massaged. Your therapist will either lay the stones on your body in a stationary manor or used them in a flowing manner to massage your muscles.

You will love the warmth of hot stones. Aside from your delight, your body will also experience improved blood circulation, decreased stress, anxiety and tension. People with chronic back pain, poor circulation, insomnia will love this session.



Hot Salt (Himalayan) Stones With Aromatherapy Massage – 90 Min – Book

Experience the subtle support of negative ions in our perfectly heated Himalayan Salt Stones. These salt stones are ethically harvested and molded from the ancient seas of the Himalayans. In this service, we will help those tense and stressed muscles melt into the most delicious release. We’ll double your relief when we use aromatherapy in our tailored to you Integrative Massage modality. We combine this session with warm towels on the back. Like icing on the cake you will enjoy the bliss of a 90 minutes Integrative with Hot Stones specially made with Himalayan salt.

Scrub With Warm Ayurvedic Oil Massage with Sacred Hot Stone – 120 Min – Book

Start with a full body sugar scrub to gently exfoliate the skin. After a brief shower, your skin will be ready to receive warm ayurvedic oils tailored to the season coupled with our hand picked Sacred Stones.

Aroma Touch Massage With Hot Stones 90 Min – Book

Reduce Stress, Enhance immunity, Relieve Pain, Stimulate the Lymphatic System and Balance the Body with therapeutic grade essential oils in a technique designed to stimulate known body Meridian Points and Energy Zones. This wonderful massage also includes hot stones to assist in driving the oils deeper into the body.

Aroma Touch Massage With Scrub & Hot Stones 105Min – Book

Reduce Stress, Enhance immunity, Relieve Pain, Stimulate the Lymphatic System and Balance the Body with therapeutic grade essential oils in a technique designed to stimulate known body Meridian Points and Energy Zones. This session is performed by a massage therapist and includes Sugar scrub, shower, hot stones and massage.

Integrative Massage With Hot Stone 90 Min – Book

Our signature Integrative Massage is a therapeutic experience with a combination of the long flowing Swedish Massage strokes with the deeper focused integrative massage techniques that support your problem areas. We combine this session with hot stones, warm towels and aromatherapy oils. The heat from the stones relax the muscles and increase the blood flow to the area being worked. Our stones are hand picked and treated with care. This energy is passed onto you!

Raindrop & Stones With Massage 90 Min – Book
Raindrop Therapy is a gentle massage employing 9 highly therapeutic essential oils. The oils are massaged into the back, legs and feet. These oils are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and are said to stimulate the immune system. The heat of hot stones is used to help the oils penetrate deep into the muscles. Raindrops & Stones is a beautiful meditative massage treatment that brings a warm spa like bliss.

The Works! – 120 Minutes – Book
Ever need to to just hit reset? Get Tuned in? I’ve created “The Works”, a 2 hour session that starts by pulling a past, present, future card spread. This will help focus your energy in the session. I’ll incorporate energy work (reiki, polarity, cranio-sacral), massage (deep tissue and Swedish), sound therapy, chakra chromo therapy imagery (sometimes guided) and the grounding use of crystals, hot stones and towels. The WooWoo is real and you are YOU, only “reset” better. Clients have marveled at troubles melting away, tensions easing, experienced lucid dreaming and eureka moments. One client said, “this is not a massage, this is an experience.”


Considerations: You should not get a hot stone massage if you are pregnant or have a sunburn. You also may want to reconsider if you are menopausal, as this could trigger a hot flash. If you are on any medications that list heat as a contraindication, reconsider getting this service.

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