Crystal Grid For Abundance

True story,

Deep into the night, the new moon insisted that i heed the call, to bring forth from the silence a class on crystals and their energy. To teach a class that helps you know why your crystals work the way they work. A class that helps weave together your current circumstances to your future embodied you. A class that helps you create a personalized script and a ceremony with the foundation of sacred geometry as the backdrop of your grid” – Elizabeth

Create Sacred Space

This video class is more than choosing crystals to bring in “Abundance & Prosperity“! We all want and deserve this! The magic of this class is the depth of instruction you get and the way the class offers insight in gridding with crystals that can be used over and over again and for many other grids.

In these 7 video modules we say;

  • Yes! To learning about sacred geometry in general and why specifically the “Flower of Life” design is the perfect back drop for your Manifesting Abundance grid.
  • Yes! To having a full set (27 to be exact) of amazing, quality crystals. This set is specific to manifesting abundance but you will be able to use them with many other grids.
  • Yes! To a crash course on setting specific abundance intentions around each crystal in your set. Along the way, you discover emotions and subtle blocks that can hamper your abundance mindset.
  • Yes! To learning about each specific crystal in your set but also to learning the not often taught crystalline class structure. Knowing which class your crystal belongs to helps you understand both the job that each crystal does as well as the role it plays in your grid (attracter, seeker, barrier etc.).  This will make all future gridding even more successful.
  • Yes! To creating a beautiful at home grid ceremony with tips on creating sacred space.

With this class you learn to fill your grid with meaning and potent energy.

Price: $66

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Meet your crystal kit: 3 Aventurine, 3 Citrine, 3 Tiger’s eye, 2 Andean Jade, 2 Malachite, 2 Garnet, 2 Pyrite, 1 Smokey Quartz Piller, 2 Lemon Topaz, 2 Iolite, 4 Labradorite and 1 Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth plus 7 video modules.