It’s Full Moon Time With Sarah!

Let’s sit in circle and hear how the planets are influencing our lives. Make time to center your energy body, pick an oracle card or two and delight in the recognition of being at the right place, right time. Sitting in circle magnifies our sense of community and increases the power of our individual intentions for the month ahead. Seal your intention practice with a mini fire ceremony. It is time to come together again to celebrate the Full Moon.

Late Winter / Early Spring 2023 Dates are ready for Online Booking. Dates are: Feb. 5, March 7 and April 5. All start at 6PM



Bring a journal or paper, a favorite essential oil or crystal and an open heart and mind. I look forward to offering a special teaching just for this full moon. – Sarah


A Full Moon gathering is an age-old tradition that dates back to a time when we lived by & honored the earth’s natural rhythms. It’s one of Sarah Smith’s personal goals to bring these traditions back to our communities and circles – it’s powerful medicine! This is a special invite for our community – both women and men – of like-mind. We invite you to spend an evening honoring the support and connection with one another. Note: Be sure to check class times on the calendar.