“Laugh, release, love, align and twist! These 5 components, some physical, some emotional, all are parts of the YOU. Get through the toughest parts of winter with your yoga community.”


Explore the mind, body, spirit temple that is you through yoga with Nadia in The Being Series.

Come to one or all starting November 2022 – March 2023.

Laugh | November 18th 5:30

Tapping into the inner state of our Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra), JOY! Learn to laugh at life, yourself, and learn how to shift energy from lower vibrations such as anger into JOY. Do expect to laugh here. Book Laugh


Release | December 16th 5:30

Loss? Grief? Heavy heart and emotions?

When we hold on to the heavier emotions we feel lost and alone. Bring these harder parts to the mat. All emotional patterns are welcomed and encouraged. This workshop is about how we talk to SELF and move with SELF, and we can hold SELF. How to find compassion for SELF and to find power in release. Book Release


Align | January 13th 5:30

With laughing and crying cleansed, let’s take the NEW SELF and align that baby!

Understand the importance of physical alignments, and how energy can more easily move through SELF. Allowing not just yoga poses to become easier, but management of life. Align towards flow. Book Align


Love | February 17th 5:30

Love – Love – Love. This workshop celebrates the power of partnerships – even your partnership with your WHOLE self. We will explore the heart through movement and connection. Make a date with yourself, grab your bestie, your favorite partner or your twin flame. All kinds welcome. Book Love


Twist! | March 17th 5:30

Keeping everything lubricated and moving is vital to thriving in the world. Twisting the body aids in digestion, and we all know the second heart is the belly! Work out the kinks, let the energy flow, and find release in deep twists. Book Twist!

These 90 minute workshops are $35 each