There is something about the wellness industry that is just transformational. First you start by taking the time to take care of your self in one small way, and then you find your self making more small choices in many areas of your life.


A gift can turn into a journey of delightful proportions

This is how I became involved in the wellness industry. In 2004 I was working for a large high tech firm in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, and I received the gift of a massage for my birthday. Little did I know then that this massage would change my life! This single hour started a process in me to live differently, to think differently, to enjoy my life differently. This journey of wellness continues today. A true delight!

Start where you are at with Mind, Body, Spirit

This is what wellness does. You start in one place and then you find yourself eating, exercising, resting, breathing, drinking, and thinking with a different purpose. And all the stock phrases of “mind, body, spirit” start to become really, really REAL. YOU get connected to YOUR MIND, YOUR BODY, YOUR SPIRIT. You can’t help but to dream, and Live inspired.


We manifest what we dream about when we follow our “yes”

When I started dreaming about the concept of BlissBlissBliss in 2006, I had no idea how much my life would transform. I did not envision fully the sacred commerce business model that I would be part of. I just kept doing what felt right and encouraging others around me to do the same. The stock phrase is “follow your bliss”, but we call it “following our yes”. This has been not only a beautiful way to build a business but a heart opening experience of collaboration each of our customers. When you come to bliss more than once, it is easy to call you friend.


The connection with you has created a heart centered mindfulness in me.

In the process of dreaming and creating and manifesting the space we call BlissBlissBliss, I have had the good fortune to experience some products that are filled with the mindful qualities we so cherish in life. In every case a friend suggested that I try the product. Friends give the best advice because they truly care about us and want to share what they love. Their suggestions have come from the heart. I am so glad that I listened to their suggestions. I hope you will consider these products and find ways to share them beyond the walls of bliss.

Be part of the change you wish to see in the world – Ghandi

I personally love and use these products. I have experienced their quality, tested their results, and am honored to be able to offer them to you. Since these are affiliate programs, know that when you make a purchase through these links, BlissBlissBliss does receive a small commission. As a small business owner, I fully appreciate that your support helps me diversify my revenue. This is a pay it forward process! A diversified revenue creates the long term foundation of Bliss. It enables me to better support ALL of the amazing programs and services that we have at bliss. Thank you for your love and support. I hope you choose to experience some of these beyond the walls of Bliss!


Big Berkey Water System

Learn all about the delicious Berkey filtered water you enjoy at bliss. When you order yours for your home or office, know you are drinking water that has been filtered to get rid of contaminates like organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hormones, lead, pesticides, viruses and heavy metals! Yep we do not want pathogens, arsenic and carcinogens in our water. When you ORDER (through this link), Bliss gets a small commission! Drink Up!



DoTERRA Essential Oils:

My Favorite part of my wellness education and healing journey has been thru the use of Doterra essential oils. Want to know how essential oils work? We have a whole team of super qualified doterra wellness advocates at Bliss. If you prefer a private appointment rather than come to one of our many free classes, reach out to me. As a certified aromatherapist, with now years of experience working with clients using essential oils, I have a depth of knowledge that I am passionate about sharing. I have some amazing teachers to call upon to make sure you have all the information you need to safely use essential oils.

Contact ([email protected]) for recommendations or visit my ONLINE SHOP (my.doterra.com/blissblissbliss).


 Sunlighten Sauna

Love our Sauna? Want one for your own home? We have partnered with Sunlighten where we got our amazing full spectrum infrared saunas. So many health benefits are derived from these saunas. When you buy a one of these easy to assemble kits for your space, bliss will get a small commission. Our contact over at Sunlighten is: Joey Thomas¬†<[email protected]> She is so helpful and will be able to advise you on all the models available as well as benefits and features! Let her know we sent you.