Thinking about Employee Appreciation? Consider a Chair Massage at your work place!

No matter the occasion, bodywork on the head, shoulders, and back is a welcomed experience. Studies show that after 10 minutes of massage the body is able to release and relax. A great way to take a mini break from the work day!

Benefits of Chair Massage:

For the body:unnamed

  • Reduces stress allowing people to be happier at their jobs.
  • Clear mind for work; people can focus and be efficient.
  • Lowers anxiety &¬†blood pressure.

For the Work Environment:

  • A feeling of appreciation & acknowledgment.
  • Improves job satisfaction.
  • Creates atmosphere of camaraderie & cooperation.
  • Reduce sicknesses and absenteeism.
  • Healthier alternative employee appreciation methods.

In addition to chair massage, we can offer group yoga classes, seated chair yoga, and workshops on aromatherapy!

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