We wanted to take a moment and highlight some offerings that Stephanie has created.


Stephanie’s 2 Hour Integrative Massage

Standard in the Industry is Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. But your body is not “Standard”. We have developed our Intuitive / Integrative bodywork brand at bliss to assist our clients in going deeper into the therapeutic possibilities. Stephanie will extend this session from the traditional 1 hour / 90 minute session to a 2 hour session. She will craft your session by combines several highly effective modalities. These modalities balance light touch with deep. She will help you choose an essential oil or two that matches what is going on with you. Then add in some refreshing steaming hot towels.

Duration: 120 minutes  |  Cost: $220  |  Book Steph’s 2 Hour Integrative Massage Here


Cupping Works! The Massage Adds The Bliss! 

Cupping does work wonders and of course we add something extra with our integrative massage. Stephanie will be using manual cups, offering lots of control so that you will experience a session designed to not only improve blood flow but to tackle the adhesions, pain, and inflammation you might be experiencing. Our integrative massage “makes nice” and enhances relaxation and well-being.

Duration: 90 minutes  |  Cost: $145  |  Book Steph’s Integrative Massage With Manual Cupping Here


Treat Yourself To A Seasonal Exfoliation Plus Massage!

You, your body and your feet will be ready for anything with this full body salt scrub followed by aromatherapy massage. Our salt scrub is designed to stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate your body. After you rinse off in our shower, you’ll choose the perfect essential oils to compliment a long integrative massage.

Duration: 105 minutes  |  Cost: $205  |  Book Full Body Salt Scrub & Aromatherapy Massage Here


How About A Full Body Scrub, With Hot Stones, Essentials Oils!

In this session we aim to reduce Stress, enhance immunity, relieve pain, stimulate the lymphatic system and balance the body with therapeutic grade essential oils in a technique designed to stimulate known body Meridian Points and Energy Zones. This session is performed by a massage therapist and includes the moisturizing sugar scrub, followed by a shower then a dreamy hot stone massage.
Duration: 105 minutes  |  Cost: $242  |  Book Aroma Touch Massage With Scrub & Hot Stones Here

Massage and atmosphere are great. – Rebecca

My massage therapist was amazing. Super relaxing time spent. All of the other employees were very kind and helpful! – Morgan