By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Fertility massage is a non-invasive way to decrease stress and prepare the body for pregnancy.  The massage is centered on the abdomen, back and feet. Aside from deep relaxation, the aim of this session is to support the reproductive system by helping to break down scar tissue or adhesions in the abdominal area, increase circulation to the uterus and cervix, prevent stagnation and support the natural detox functions of the organs of elimination.  Because of the focus on the abdominal area, this session also supports gut motility, and can reduce constipation and bloating. Culturally many “hold in” the belly causing stress and tension to accumulate.

I’ll use Essential oils to create a nurturing environment, warm castor oil packs to support the reduction of stress and reflexology on the feet.  We’ll end the session with an integrative massage on the back.

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Caution: This massage is not indicated if you are pregnant or going through IVF treatment.