Nothing better than a hot stone massage and we have lots for you to choose from. We like to say Hot Stoned – Massage Drunk and Perfectly Legal!

Integrative Massage With Hot Stones:  Our signature Integrative Massage is a therapeutic experience with a combination of the long flowing Swedish Massage strokes with the deeper focused integrative massage techniques that support your problem areas. We combine this session with hot stones, warm towels and aromatherapy oils. The heat from the stones relax the muscles and increase the blood flow to the area being worked. Our stones are hand-picked and treated with care. This energy is passed onto you! Enjoy the bliss of 60 minutes Integrative with Hot Stones. 60 Min $135

Hot Salt (Himalayan) Stones With Aromatherapy Massage: Experience the subtle support of negative ions in our perfectly heated Himalayan Salt Stones. These salt stones are ethically harvested and molded from the ancient seas of the Himalayans. In this service, we will help those tense and stressed muscles melt into the most delicious release. We’ll double your relief when we use aromatherapy in our tailored to you Integrative Massage modality. We combine this session with warm towels on the back. Like icing on the cake you will enjoy the bliss of a 90 minutes Integrative with Hot Stones specially made with Himalayan salt. 90 Min $202

Aroma Touch Massage With Hot Stones: Reduce Stress, Enhance immunity, Relieve Pain, Stimulate the Lymphatic System and Balance the Body with therapeutic grade essential oils in a technique designed to stimulate known body Meridian Points and Energy Zones. This wonderful massage also includes hot stones to assist in driving the oils deeper into the body. 90 Min $237

Aroma Touch Massage With Scrub & Hot: In this session you experience the amazing exfoliation of a full body sugar scrub. After a shower, we apply the Aroma Touch essential oils designed to reduce Stress, Enhance immunity, Relieve Pain, Stimulate the Lymphatic System and Balance the Body. Along the way we are adding hot stones to enhance the session. 105 Min $242

Full Body Scrub, Warm Ayurvedic Oils With Sacred Hot Stones: Start with a full body sugar scrub to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin. After a brief shower, your skin will be ready to receive warm ayurvedic oils tailored to the season. We also use are extra special hand-picked Sacred Stones. This 2 hour session creates the spa day experience you have been looking for. 120 Min $262

Couples Massage With Hot Stones: Celebrate a special event with a friend, family member or partner. Our couples massage package is designed as the perfect bonding experience. Your 90 minute integrative massage is tailored to your body and includes hot towels, aromatherapy and hot stones. An integrative session means that we will ask what needs supported the day of service. Your massage therapist has many years of training in various massage and energy techniques and will offer a blend of deep tissue, Swedish and energy work. NOTE: When booking – Book under one name. We know you will be bringing someone else. Please do not book a second session under the person who is coming with you. 90min $364