By Mary Angel Bount and Laura Layva


Eight individual chakra workshops. One workshop per month. One chakra at a time.

The chakras are our energy centers. They exist not physically, but are found in the subtle (energy) body. Learning about your chakras can give you the following:

 Freedom from survival fear (1st chakra)
 Access to your creativity (2nd chakra)
 Enhanced self-discipline, clarity of the will (3rd chakra)
 Compassion for others (4th chakra)
 Improved communication and self expression (5th chakra)
 Enhanced visualization to access your dreams (6th chakra)
 Connection to your spirit (7th chakra)

These subtle centers have profound effects on our daily lives. Come and find out for yourself in our workshops! In workshop, we’ll open these energy centers through journaling, asana, meditation, and chanting; then we provide you with an art exercise for self-expression. You’ll leave with a powerful memento of the healing of your spirit.

Your instructors Laura and Mary Angel will provide a chakra intensive, one chakra at a time, once a month. Sessions build on each other and thus have a cumulative effect, so it is better to attend all workshops in order, but they also work as individual units. You are not required to have prior knowledge or have participated in other workshops if you would like to attend individual ones.


Mary Angel Blount, MFA, RYT, brings a background of 23 years as a writing professor to her yoga teaching. She writes: “I am very attracted to Anodea Judith’s work in Chakra Yoga because she digs deep. In fact, just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on chakra yoga, it implodes. The same is true for writing. Both are truly vast—and I really love delving into yoga’s ancient roots and finding new modalities and practices. I’m excited to be co-teaching with Laura because of her great enthusiasm and her art expertise!”

Laura Layva, RYT, is a yoga instructor and artist who specializes in ink, charcoal, and oil media. Laura’s passion includes helping others find a nurturing connection to creativity. She writes: “By expanding the mind, and opening our imagination, we are not only delving into our truest self, we are able to help eliminate everyday stresses and connect more deeply to our surroundings. Expressing ourselves visually on paper helps us open up blockages in our chakra system which will lead us to our truest and highest manifestation.”

Taking the time to learn about the Chakra system could be one of the most important things you do on the road to self realization and development. – Elizabeth

Workshop Duration: 2.5 hours

Start time: 2:00-4:30pm

Price: $55 per class or $385 for all 8 (a $55 discount). In other words, if you attend all 8 classes, the last one is free.

Dates: September 17, 2022, October 15, 2022; November 12, 2022; December 10, 2022
January 14, 2023; February 18, 2023; March 18, 2023; April 22, 2023

How To Book: Navigate to the Chakra workshop date on our booking site and book or call and leave us a message.