By Elizabeth

Am I strong enough to practice Yoga? Will my flexibility really improve? Can yoga help me be more balanced? The answer is a resounding yes!The answer is also “with practice”.



What kind of class should I take that focuses on these things. Any yoga will do, but I was inspired to create a class that focuses specifically on the various forms of Salutations (sun and moon and all the in-betweens) plus balancing postures (specifically the many bird postures found in yoga).


In this weekly class, we will focus on salutations for the strength, stamina and flexibility they offer. We will also focus on balancing postures that over time offer greater neuroplasticity to help keep the brain supple and young. The Salutations & Balance Yoga class, like all of my classes, will be approached in a gentle manner. Classes will be slow moving and focus on stretching for flexibility, balance, and good posture. Repetitions will give the student ample time to build heat and allow the muscles, tendons and ligaments to stretch in a mindful way. When possible, this class promises long holds in the yin style and the use of props in the restorative style.





Will you join me? I hope you will. Please bring at a minimum bring a mat and a blanket. Ideal for this class is a strap, block and yoga bolster. Come stressed, leave revived. No yoga experience is necessary. All levels including new beginners are welcome. 

PS. Reminder: Mask Required – We do not offer props – Bring your own. Online registration only. No walk ins.